What is "Master Card Secure Code"?
Introduction of "Master Card Secure Code"
WHAT IS "MasterCard SecureCode"?

MasterCard SecureCode is a program designed to provide online retailers with the added security of having issuing banks authenticate their individual cardholders and qualify their online transactions for protection against "cardholder unauthorized" or "cardholder not recognized" chargebacks.


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When a cardholder submits their online order at a participating merchant, the MasterCard SecureCode solution performs the following to ensure that the cardholder is authorized to make this transaction:
1 It initiates an in-line window from the card issuer prompting the cardholder to enter their unique personal code.
2 The issuer validates the personal code and approves the transaction.
MasterCard SecureCode provides you with a password to protect your online transactions, just like you use your PIN at an ATM
When you select the goods or services you want from a MasterCard SecureCode online store and proceed to the payment page, cardholders must enter their SecureCode like the familiar ATM authentication process before their online transaction can be authorized. The card issuer confirms it is the true cardholder performing the transaction. Cardholders can enjoy peace of mind knowing that no one else has access to their SecureCode.
HOW TO ACTIVATE YOUR CARD FOR "Master Card Secure Code"?
Register for MasterCard SecureCode service now. It’s simple and fast and is absolutely free! Simply visit your MasterCard Issuer’s website.
1 Go to the card issuer's web-site and register for the SecureCode service
2 Enter your MasterCard details as requested
3 Create your personal message (PAM) and password (once registered, you can use this password each time you make a purchase)
4 Select MasterCard as the payment method and enter Card details
5 Wait for the authentication screen...
6 Look for your PAM to make sure you are dealing with your Card Issuer.
7 Enter your personal password, click submit when finished.
8 On average, SecureCode processes a longer transaction time. Please be patient and do not close the verify window.
9 When approved, you will receive an authorization that binds the transaction, which completes your purchase.
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